Saturday, 22 March 2014

DIY Bump n Grind Machine

I wanted to make a hands free machine that you could grind into with your bits, with the option to have a buzz if you wanted it from behind.

I have a folding massage chair that I thought could be adapted and with a fleshlight, a unused dildo, a strap on harness and a lot of thought and time.

I had a good idea what I wanted, a hands free sex machine as it were. Using what I have has been a challenge as some things didn't initially fit right...and I didn't want to ruin the chair in case of using it correctly in the future.

My initial problem is that all the changes done to the chair need to be removed in case I need to use the chair for massage purposes.

By flipping the seat and re-inserting it, it made an ideal pad for the dildo....but how to attach it?

I found an old heavy duty dildo harness. The holes for the dildo needed to be redone as they weren't in the right place. When a new hole was made the dildo could be slotted in. The one I had was not idea, but for the time being until I get a better one it would do. I needed to re engineer the harness strapping as it was to big. So after some new holes were inserted, Bobs your uncle and this harness was not going anywhere holding the dildo firmly in place.

I swapped the head piece and the stomach piece on the chair so the horse shoe shape would accommodate the fleshlight, which fitted so well I might add.(Fleshlight=pink latex skin feel tube to allow repeated penetration and produce some stunning orgasms).

So with everything in place, it was ready. The positioning of the anal and penal areas took some adjusting and time, but when in the right place it was one hell of a ride.

With a new dildo fitted that its currently on order, its going to be one hell of a machine to use. I could be completely suited up with mitts and hood on, and still be completely orgasming for England.

One of the only drawbacks as it were, was that you cant sit, needing the slave using it to squat and rest on the shin/knee areas as it were...but still, when in bondage and being forced to endure things, this is more of a benefit than a disadvantage lol.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How to make a Down Strait Jacket Short Suit.
Ever wanted something, but no where makes what you want? I have often though about having a strait jacket made from smooth down nylon, stuffed full of down.  I haven't seen anything like this on the market. I saw pictures of one that made me so horny its not true and I thought "Id love to have one of them", but how to make it?

I decided that I wanted to make one that had the shorts built in. I was aware that in rubber they make a Surf suit or Short suit, this is basically just a jacket and shorts combined.

I decided that to make this outfit I would need a long down jacket, the longer the better. I found a cheap jacket like I needed (3/4 length) on ebay, and drew up some designs of what I wanted. I own a rubber and leather SJ already so I knew the basics of how it would work.

This would mean I could put a seam at the bottom to make the bottom of the coat into shorts.The zip would need to be modified so as not to interfere with the crotch area.  Wearing the jacket back to front offered more variables to use the hood pulled over the face.

I dislike zips around genital areas greatly. I have had skin snagged in zips around this area that was so painful, so I considered alternatives. I thought about velcro, but went for an open area covered by a down pouch held on with poppers.

This did mean that the crotch area could be accessed easily and done up with little effort. If the person wearing it has their arms bound, they are hardly doing to need this area locked as they wont be able to play with their bits anyway.

I like the idea of a frontal wrist restraint strap. Having the arms wrapped around if great, but this additional strap further restricts movement and intensifies the I added a strap and clip.

One of the naff things about the coat was the hood. I had thin amounts of down and felt like the material on the outside of the hood was smoother and sexier than the stuff on the outside. So, to work.  I removed the hood, filled the hood with more down, and reversed the hood making the inside the outside

One of the things I did not consider, was that by inserting more down the hood did not wrap around my head as much ( yeah I know we forget about things like that in the heat of the moment lol). So I had to rethink the hood area.  I applied a strip of padding to the rear and left the toggles to tighten the hood. I also reinforced the poppers on the collar to ensure it stayed shut by sewing in large velcro strips.

Whilst designing the arm binding area, I had a thought.  I sometimes like to spend time in gear prior to a play session, a warming up period as it were. What if I could wear this outfit, and still use the PC or perform chores?

So, I decided that the hood did not need to be up all the time, and I adjusted the sleeves by adding another sleeve from another down jacket. This meant the sleeves and clip could be rolled up and the clip and strap left inside, to allow access from the hands.  The crotch area would have to be done up to stop any unauthorized playing :) The crotch area covering was another hood from the other jacket, heavily padded so when done up, theres a reduced sensation from outside stimulae so to speak.

This idea meant when the sleeves were rolled down it was play time and could be wrapped around the body and clipped into place I know, stop clapping please. I also attached a long cord to the zip, so I could zip myself in and out of the suit when not in bondage sessions.

I have attached a loop at the top of the zip to ensure that if the person strapping me up wanted me to be in the suit and doing things, but could not take the suit off, the clasp at the top would me the zip could not be undone, especially if a small padlock was in place )

There were some problems when the down and the material caused issues for my sewing machine, but after all is said and done, the outfit is now complete....costing around 50 pound to make, but required a loaaaaad of time to be put into it. Hopefully this time will be nothing compared to the time I will spend bound in it. I will post some pics from the next session which I am sure will have this in it.

The finished article on, would have been nice to have the extra bits black to match the rest...but meh.....I could loop the sleeves and cross them to put my arms behind my back, but I couldnt do the front strap up though :)...any offers?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Take a seat Mr Bond....I've been expecting you.

New Toys!
Well, a sex sling/bondage sling is the latest asset. 

I have adapted the frame from a hanging garden chair to accommodate 3 iron bars supporting the leather sling. How much fun will THIS be?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Layered in Down Gear, bound in chair

Tie and Tease Session.
Had some down salopettes, down vest, then into heaviers down trousers with boots. My hands which were inside some heavy down mitts were stuffed into the salopettes and zipped up pinning my hands by my side. With the addition of a down jacket over the top, I was unable to get out.  A few straps here and there for good measure and some toys placed in various places I was almost in down heaven.

Due to be making way to much noise a pump up gag and down hood were placed over my head and some swift breath control mixed with some serious action downstairs ensured. Being teased, edged, then left for a while, rinse and repeat works for me lol. Session duration about 3 hours....I was soaked after, in more ways than one.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Inflatable fun!

One of the new gear additions is a decent inflatable sleepsack. Check this bondage baby out.

Welcome Back to a new year.
I hope 2012 was good for you all, mine wasnt to bad.

Things on the bondage front have been really quiet. I have finished some modifications to a selk suit, allowing myself or others to be bound up in various different ways due to the variety of binding points I have sewn into it. I have also got a new inflatable hood. This one can be inflated and has an zip at the front and back. The good part is that there is a normal rubber hood with eye holes and a mouth hole inside the hood already. The two zips at the front allow for a small hole to be left which is great for inserting a breath through gag as seen in the pics. This was hot in more than one sense. I did have my rubber briefs on underneath, I don't think anything else would be possible for long term sessions as it would just be ridiculously hot.

I intend to have lots more sessions in 2013, and I hope 2013 will be a good year for you readers. If anyone wants I can put some pics of the hood up on this site.

Best wishes